2 Types of Video Production

There are many video production houses nowadays. As technology becomes more accessible, a lot of people seek their services. Professionals in the field can cater to individuals and businesses alike. This article will discuss the differences between the two.


People will often hire these professionals during special events. Having footage of any special occasion allows individuals to capture important memories forever. The most common reasons for personal video production services are:

  • Weddings – No wedding is complete without footage of the entire event. Everything is documented, from the pre-wedding to the reception.
  • Birthdays – This is especially true for big parties such as birthday bashes and debuts.


All businesses need these services. Marketing through this form of media has become widespread, due to its efficiency and effectivity. Advertisers are starting to recognise the power of digital media as a tool to promote their brand. As such, most companies have a team of talented videographers on their payroll.

Marketing is the most common reason why businesses hire these professionals. According to statistics, it can increase a company’s brand awareness by 54%. Furthermore, 73% of people will buy or opt for a product or service after watching a targeted video. Businesses who employ this type of marketing will see a 53% increase in sales.

This form of content can also help audiences to better understand a product or service. If the consumer knows more about a product, they’re less likely to call support hotlines. Products and services with product demonstrations can reduce their support calls by 53%. These types of content will also increase awareness about the services businesses offer.

Another commercial use for video production is training. A lot of businesses now opt to film training videos instead of conducting traditional training methods. This makes the process more cost-effective and increases productivity with new staff. To add to this, it allows new employees to learn the material better, as they can re-watch it over and over again.

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