3 Tips to an Effective Rug Cleaning

To pull a room together, a beautifully maintained area rugs are needed. Aside from the carpet, these materials can be an added decoration to the house. The unique patterns and designs can make it interesting and pleasing to look at. If you’re having trouble in keeping it clean and dry, there are companies who offer rug cleaning services. Here’s what you need to know:

Vacuum isn’t enough

Many people have been saying that daily vacuum is enough to maintain the flooring or the rugs. The truth is, you need more than this procedure. Professional cleaners use specific products to disinfect materials like leather, cotton or suede.

For the leather, use a soft cloth and dub it with a mild detergent. Make sure you’re not totally scrubbing the material to prevent damage. Cotton and suede are almost the same because they can be washed. However, be careful in using bleach to remove spots and stains. It’s still recommended that you get professional rug cleaning services for these issues.

Baking soda doesn’t always work

Vinegar mixed with baking soda is one of the popular household cleaning agents. Guess what, not everything can be removed using this mixture. Sometimes, it only makes the problem worse because of incompatibility. The strand of fabrics can be damaged once exposed to this chemical. So, be careful whenever you perform DIY.

Don’t use fabric softener

Contrary to the popular belief that fabric softener can bring back the charm of upholstery and rugs, this actually fade the material. Continuous use of this product wears the sofa and carpet not to mention the harsh scent. Therefore, prevent yourself from using this product if you want to extend the life of your furniture and flooring.

It’s still best to call the professional rug cleaning service from Melbourne to ensure quality and safe procedure. Contact Lifestyle Cleaning Melbourne to get started.