Types of Car Accidents

The number of casualties and hospitalizations resulting from motor vehicle accidents has decreased significantly since the last three decades, as statistics reveal. But one should not be complacent about it as every mishap results in vehicular damages, injuries to victims which can sometimes be fatalistic and even leads to loss of future earnings or incomes.

The major causes that results in automobile accidents are over-speeding, driver fatigue, overtaking, drug abuse, inebriation, road hazards, and improper road signs. Accident lawyers are specialist legal professionals who can take up the cudgels on behalf of automobile accident victims.

The different types of auto accidents

Apart from the causes of automobile mishaps mentioned above, a rising number of accidents these days are happening due to cellphone use while driving. Accidents also frequently happen due to low visibility during fogs, rash driving, improper parking, and head-on collisions and so on. The severity of the mishap, the scale of injuries, and the extent of vehicle damage depends on the nature of the accident.

Head-on impacts When two vehicles approaching from opposite directions bang into each other, a head-on collision is the aftermath. A head on collision, more often than not is fatal. Accident lawyers can successfully plead for due and just compensation on behalf of the families of the deceased victims.

Vehicle overturns A vehicle, particularly a SUV or MUV (sports and multi-utility vehicles) travelling at high speed and suddenly taking a sharp swerve or turn, is vulnerable to rolling over or turning turtle.

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