5 Components Of Google Adwords Management

When you can confidently manage the Google Adwords campaign, you will obviously understand the mechanism better and be able to reduce the click cost while increasing the traffic and sales to your site. To become more proficient in managing the tool, you have to consider the five different aspects of the campaign.


When you build your website, you must have an aim behind it. The website must have been built with a particular goal in mind. It might be to increase the sales or just the traffic. You must also feel the need to see how successful you have been in achieving the goal. Google Adwords gives you the facility to track the people who click on the ad associated with a particular keyword. You can then find out which keyword gives you more sales and which only gets you traffic. Then it becomes easy to concentrate your efforts only on the keywords which give you profit. It becomes easy to structure your campaign.


Unless you choose the relevant keywords for the Google Adwords campaign, you won’t get much success. The initial set of keywords that you decide on is not based on experience but is chosen using your common sense. When you use the service for some time, you will be able to find out which keywords work best for you. Thus, it becomes easy to delete the ones who don’t get you visibility and sales and add new ones who do. You must reconsider using the keywords which step up your budget. The Search Query Report will help you get rid of the not-so-profitable keywords and add more profitable ones.


When you come to the main problem of designing and posting ads, Google Adwords can be a great help. You can make an ad and test it first to see how profitable it can be to you. You can test all your innovative marketing ideas on this platform. You may need to brainstorm ideas for the ads everyday. The ads should be written so as to appeal to the emotional side of people and should have a catchy title tag. The viewer should be tempted to click and find out what your site has to offer. There are many books which can give you helpful ideas about the ads.


The bidding amount can be crucial to the status of the page which displays your ads. If your bidding amount is higher, then your ads will show up in the first few pages and with a lower bidding, the ads will not show up high in the page order. But if you can get a steady traffic to your site then Google can lower the click costs too. Nothing continues forever, and you have to keep managing your account so that the bidding amounts keep varying and the positions at which your ads show up keep changing. The aim is to keep increasing the traffic to the site and also help the conversion rate to go up.

Accounts Structure

Your accounts structure can also be a key to the success of your campaign. You have to choose the keywords, ad groups and the ads in such a way that you get the maximum profit. The right kind of structure will not need much management later on. You can only add to the campaigns if there is any change in the features.

Thus, the Google Adwords management can be done in the correct way if you keep these five components in mind with the assistance of Adwords specialist Brisbane.