Basic Care and Maintenance Tips You Should Know Regarding your Air conditioner

With summer already here, can soaring temperatures and sweaty discomfort be far behind? Definitely not and now is the best time to clean up your air conditioning system if you have not already done so. Waiting further till you are almost roasted by the sun can be risky…your AC unit may not function at all just when you need it especially if it has been lying idle during winter and spring. Care and maintenance of AC units can be a DIY job although it’s always prudent to hire professional air conditioning Gold Coast for the job.

Be Cautious

An air conditioning unit is an expensive gadget and is also indispensible during the height of summer. Only trained technicians should be allowed to service such complicated gadgets as any mistake; however minor; can damage the entire machine. You may ultimately have to spend much more or change the entire machine if you plan to go DIY without adequate knowledge and experience. However, regular maintenance can be done by you but before that always remember to go through the user manual meticulously and understand the instructions provided. This will help you to identify the different parts; which is so essential before you open the unit.

Also ensure that all power connections to the unit have been disconnected.

The Coil Fins

Both condenser and evaporator coils aluminium fins that can bend easily and further obstruct the flow of air. Install a ‘fin comb’ that essentially combs these bent fins back into shape. Such fin combs are easily available with most air conditioning wholesalers.

The Drain Channels

Often clogged channels inside the unit impair its capacity to reduce humidity and stains from moisture can then be seen on your carpet or walls. To prevent this situation, pass a stiff and straight wire through the drain channels to remove any debris or accumulation.

Aside from cleaning your AC unit, you also need to contact a duct cleaner to maintain the cleanliness for your air ducts.

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