Preparations To Make Before Applying The Silicone Sealant

Showers are necessary parts in any home. Taking a shower before you go to the office or to perform any tasks at home can make you feel motivated and perked up at work. But there are times when your shower can give you headaches instead of relaxation. One of these incidences is when there are leaks from shower trays and enclosures. To attend to this problem, you need to apply quality shower sealing materials and tools to be sure the water won’t be dripping and you won’t be irritated by the trickling sound of wasted water.

But before you apply silicone sealants especially on the shower tray, you need to prepare your bathroom first to make sure that the shower sealing will last. Here are some ways to do them:

Remove the old silicone sealant – It is best to remove the old sealant using knives, chisels and other sharp tools. Just make sure you wear durable safety gloves to prevent injuries and wounds. This process will clear up the old sealant, which, if come in contact with the new sealant, can make your shower sealing poorly installed.

Read instructions carefully – Many water leaks in the bathroom are caused by poor application of silicone sealant. And this is often a result of not reading the instructions of manufacturers well. One tip to make sure that this substance will work well is that it should be fully cured and dried before it touches the water.

Clean the area where the sealant is applied – Dirt, debris and other particles can affect its strength and durability. Remove them first with a vacuum cleaner, broom or any cleaning material. You must also wipe the shower tray with a damp cloth soaked in water with mild detergent.

After cleaning, remove any spot of detergent with a wet cloth. Make sure you won’t leave behind a trace of detergent as they can affect the sealing process.

Let the shower tray dry for at least two hours before applying the sealant. Moisture can lead to the poor application of the sealant. Make sure the area is dry.

This process can be tedious, better call in shower sealing Gold Coast to do the task for you. They have the right training and tools to perform the service.