Tips To Bathroom Lighting

Most bathroom mirrors are small and lit by a small bulb at the top. Give your bathroom a new look by having a full length mirror instead which is bordered by lights all around and his and her counter tops on either side.

With the help of Bathrooms, you will be able to find different types of mirrors such as wall and counter top or wall mounted mirrors. You can use these mirrors not only for your daily activities but also to appraise and admire your figure and get a last top to toe look before you set out.

Hot or Cold

This is not about the water it’s about the lights. Some types of bulbs generate a good deal of heat while others are comparatively cooler. LED bulbs give a soft cool light while fluorescent ones give an intense warm light. See Brisbane Bathroom Renovations

Incandescent lighting gives a softer light as compared to fluorescent but is comparatively cooler. You can use a combination of all three types with fluorescent for decoration and highlighting fixtures and led or incandescent for utility and ambience.

Day Light

There are innumerable ideas for bathroom vanities. Bathrooms are probably the only rooms in the house which get almost no daylight. Using yellow fluorescent bulbs will give the illusion of daylight but they give of quite a bit of heat. You can have a mock skylight by installing a yellow fluorescent bulb in the center of the ceiling, with other types of lighting around the bathroom for ambience.

All you have to do is let your imagination go or you can call in professional bathroom designers to design your bathroom for you.