Car Polishing 101: Buffing

Keeping your car looking like it’s fresh out of the factory should not break the bank. All you need to do to have a world class car polished look is to either go to a professional detailer or do it yourself. If you’re looking into doing it yourself, there will be a few things that you will need to make the entire work easier and faster, and the first step is buffing.

Many professionals, including people from Popular Mechanics, approve having an electric orbital buffer as a must have when you are doing car polishing by yourself. The high-end ones will cost you between 400 to 600 dollars, which the cheaper angle grinders with the buffer attachment costing between 70 to 450 dollars. A high-speed angle grinder can give you the best result, but if you’re a newbie, it’s not recommended. You run the risk of damaging your car further if you do not know how to operate the device.

Once you start buffing, always apply copious amounts of the buffing compound on the weathered or scratched surfaces. This allows the buffer to remove a layer of paint to expose good, fresh paint underneath. The compound will act as a paint stripper while waxing, it will immediately expose the original coat.

Spread as much of the compound as possible using the buffer and avoid having the compound spilt onto chrome, glass or rubber. Move the buffer in circular motions, holding your pad as flat as you can. This is to disallow your buffer from creating any type of pressure, causing burns on the car’s paint and the swirling. Start with a small portion of your panel first until you get the bright gloss that you are aiming for, and move onto another once you get your preferred shimmer.

If your paint is fresh and you just need to get it retouched, you can follow the same steps but use a wax instead of a buffing compound. You can use polish sparingly as it can take care of as much surface width as possible. Do buffing once a year and should only be done more if you are in areas with salty air, like the sea or the ocean because of the corrosive properties of salt on the paint. Car polishing Brisbane takes a while to do, but buffing is 100 percent a must.