Tips for Getting the Best Expat Financial Advice

Looking for the best expat financial advice can be confusing sometimes. You may even have heard about people becoming victims of financial frauds and scams, and most of them are expats. But worry no more as there are still companies whom you can trust in handling your hard-earned money. That being said, here are some […]

Why Hire an Independent Financial Adviser in Hong Kong?

Many people have the misconception that hiring an independent financial adviser in Hong Kong and other places is only for the wealthy. What most don’t realise is that individuals who struggle with their finances are in the most need of expert advice. Wealth management isn’t just for high-net-worth individuals – it’s especially helpful to those […]

Tips for Finding a Good Mortgage Broker

If you’re thinking of building a new house for your home, you might need to loan money from financial institutions. In order to successfully do this, you need to hire a competent mortgage broker. Here are some tips to help you find the best one: Elevate Your Credit Score Before you decide on a mortgage […]

What is Fee-Based Financial Advice?

Fee-based financial advice is administrated by professionals who are not part of a company. They act as independent contractors for individuals who need help with monetary matters. Whilst they are considered freelancers, those in the industry are required to be registered with the Independent Financial Advisers Association of Australia. The main difference between firms and […]

Here Are Some Quick and Easy Tips for Your Car Loan

Having a vehicle that can get you to and fro from point A to point B is a great thing to have. The  convenience that private transportation gives is unparalleled. However, you may not have enough money to buy the car outright, and your dealer does not provide a mortgage. A car loan is a […]

Ways to Get the Best Mortgage Rates

To get the home that you’ve been yearning for all your life, you need to get the best mortgage rate. Owning your dream house is a huge accomplishment. To make this longing a reality, you need to make sure you know the best deals in the market. For a novice homeowner like you, you need to […]

Get Superannuation Pension Advice for Your Future

Getting superannuation pension advice can greatly improve your finances for the future. Superannuation or super fund is the money you can have during retirement. It is not a gift or incentive from your boss or the government, but it is part of your salary. About 9,5% goes to this retirement fund. But you can also add […]

5 Ways to Afford Your First Home

Yes, having a property will cost you. However, this doesn’t mean you need to give up your dream living in your own home. Here are some tips on how you can comfortably afford to buy a real estate property: Get Help From Your Family Talk to your family members and some friends about your needs. […]

Financial Aspects Of The Company

Each company must have its own accounting system. The system, on the other hand, must be calibrated from time to time to ensure accuracy and reliability. The financial aspects of the company cannot just be handled by anyone. It should be taken care of by financial people within your company. Financial people includes the manager, […]

Steps in Applying for a Home Loan

One way of providing a comfortable living for a family is to purchase a house. While this is important, it may be a difficult goal. However, when this is a concern, home loans from financial companies are available to achieve this. Comply and complete the application. This may be simple but it will be a […]