3 Traffic Violations Where You Need The Assistance Of A Lawyer

When you’re driving a car, it’s important to drive safely. You could kill someone or get killed if you’re not alert. Therefore, you must observe all the traffic regulations. If you’re new in the city, you must be familiar with the traffic rules there. In case you do get apprehended by police officers, you must […]

Scope of service of a Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury cases are complicated and should only be dealt with the help of lawyers who are conversant with the intricacies of accident compensation and injury laws. If you have suffered an accident due to the negligence of a third party, due to a tree removal accident or due to drug driving , you are […]

Statistics of Motor Accidents In Australia

The road safety center works hand in hand with all public stakeholders and private bodies to increase awareness about safety and proper road sense. Many road user groups have been established whose only purpose is to ensure the safety quotient on public roads. The center for Road Safety and accident prevention has undertaken several initiatives […]

Common Legal Terms

When representing an executor, the will and estate lawyers assist in locating and securing probate and non probate assets. They collect and obtain date of death values and estimates of all of the deceased person’s property and life insurance proceedings. They also advise regarding any outstanding payments of the person’s final bills and debts. They […]

Compensation Claims

Normally, when you think of compensation claims and filing a case that involves some monetary basis, you think of hiring a lawyer who can handle the case well. But there are many times when you may not need to hire a lawyer and are perfectly capable of representing yourself in the court and winning the […]

Divorce and separation

When a couple is going through a divorce, separate family lawyers have to represent both the parties. The lawyer will try to get his respective client the required dues. Divorce or separation is a long drawn process that may last many months or years. The couple in concern may tire of the legal battle eventually. […]

Dispute Resolution and Mediation Tips

Family dispute resolution implies the process of coming to a settlement about your family affairs instead of going to court for the issues entailed. The process helps separated couples to resolve their disputes regarding child support, parenting, partner maintenance and division of property. The dispute resolution can involve several techniques like arbitration, negotiation, collaborative law […]

Signs of Domestic Violence

If a person has little or no money on her hands, if the person’s credit cards and/or car have been taken away, if the person does not even have permission to talk, chat, meet or engage in simple recreational activities with friends/family/neighbours, these may be warning signs that everything is not right in the relationship. […]

Tips for Dating after a Divorce

Dating after divorce sounds like a great idea, to bring you out of your morbid and insipid life. Although it might not look, as thrilling and exciting to you, as it used to be, before you got married, but still you never know, you might meet your soul mate in the disguise of your next […]