Career Opportunities of Chef


Nowadays, people are experimenting with global food cultures like never before. Asian cooking, ethnic cooking, continental cooking, exotic dishes and much more is being tried out as the world becomes a global village and people from diverse places connect with each other.

Also, friends and family are spending more on eating out and are not afraid of trying out new dining locations even in distant places. All this has created a serious demand for good specialized cooks across all territories of Australia.

Several employment options are available with good pay and opportunities for travel, career advancement and even an overseas stint.

Qualifications and Training Needed

In order to become a qualified chef, you must have a Certificate III in Commercial Cooking. Such a certificate can be had through a training programme or by gaining valuable on-job exposure through Australian Apprenticeship course.

If you want to specialize in a niche segment, you will have to have Certificate III for that particular course like Asian Cookery, Patisserie etc. A Certificate IV in the same categories equips you with further skills in kitchen supervision and knowledge to run your own cafe. If you want to manage your own restaurant, you must have a Diploma of Hospitality under your belt.

In order for you to become a good chef, you must keep learning.

This one is true of all professionals. In order to excel in any field you need to keep abreast with the latest happenings, new developments and current trends.  Enrol in some culinary courses you might be interested in. There are numerous associations, organisations and guilds across the world which set new benchmarks in the field of gastronomic delights. Membership in those clubs will help you in your field.

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