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If the judge has already awarded child custody to your ex-spouse, with visitation rights to you play it smartly. Should you ever notice that your child’s behaviour has changed or that he is being neglected, inform the court and local child protective care services immediately.

Your quick action may turn out to be positive for you. Because once it is proven that your ex-spouse is incapable of looking after the child, custody would automatically be handed over to you.

While fighting custody battles though, try and ensure that the two of you keep things mature as much as possible. See Family Lawyer

Try to adapt

Your spouse will also fight for custody. In certain instances it might actually make sense to have joint custody. In the larger scheme of things, every child needs the care of both his parents.

Try to adapt to the situation at hand during the court case. If you see that the judge is leaning toward your spouse for custody, try to fight for joint custody. Or talk to your spouse and form a mutual understanding and agreement of sorts, keeping in mind the best interests of your child.

Balancing Work-life

You have to prove to the judge that you can manage your time to take care of your children. Try to demonstrate how you plan on juggling your work commitments and personal ones while caring for your children well too. If the judge is assured that you can manage all of it well, he is likely to hand custody to you.