Choosing Blinds That Kids Will Love

Just like in food, kids are picky when it comes to their room. They ask their parents to redecorate the space or simply put stickers or posters on the wall. Now, the window treatment that’s appropriate for kids is window blinds. It prevents accidents when kids try to play with it. To choose the best type of blinds that kids will love, there’s a guide:

  • Cool characters

We all know that children are playful in nature and what they see on the television affects their behaviour. Now, the secret to choosing a window treatment is considering their taste and preferences. Does your child love a specific superhero or cartoon character? Ask them what kind of characters they want for the window treatment.

The best way to do is ask them to choose a design on a website or the mall. This can help save time and energy when shopping for window treatments.

  • Striking colours

Don’t stick to basic colours and choose something with a fun and striking shade. Primary colours are versatile but if the walls are already white or grey, then choose something that will give life to the room.

Adults fancy basic shades like white, black or grey but for kids, this is boring. Blinds must be colourful to help with their imagination.

  • Fun patterns

If you can’t find blinds that have cartoon character, then get the ones with fun patterns. These are perfect for children that are 12 years old and below. Some popular designs include flowers, twirls and dots. Even if the kids grow old, this material can still be used.

  • Unique mechanism

To fold the blinds, you can twist the knob or pull it. However, there are modern window treatments with a unique mechanism that makes it fun to use. Some are motorised, so kids can use a remote to fold or extract it.

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