Choosing A Shipping Company

Shipping goods from a country to yours has different set of rules. These rules are different from one country to another. If you are planning to ship goods to Australia, bear in mind that there are rules that needs to be observed. Shipping companies are already aware about these rules.

Quarantine Rules

Australia follows stringent quarantine rules for items enter the country from foreign shores. So when you are in US shipping to Australia, always go through the Australian Customs website to know more about which products are banned before packing your parcel.

Items like dairy products, animal products, fruits and vegetables like coffee, ornamental plants, soil, seeds, animal skin, medical samples, plant cuttings, handicraft items etc are not allowed to enter the country.

This is done to protect the continent’s unique ecosystem and indigenous flora and fauna from outside contamination. If your parcel contains any item listed in the quarantine list, it will be destroyed without being delivered.

Packing your Parcel

Australian authorities are also very particular about the way parcels arriving at the customs are packed. Do not pack your shipment in wooden boxes, egg cartons or cardboard boxes that were previously used to store fruits, vegetables, meat or animal products. Such packing is prohibited and will be destroyed.

Do not use dried plant matter or straw to cushion fragile item; always use bubble wrap or old newspapers. Thoroughly clean all used camping equipment, fishing gear, sport gadgets or footwear before shipping to Australia. Such used items should be free from any soil deposits or other debris.

Companies who operate online store like womens fashion website are careful when shipping the goods to their customers in Australia.

Labelling your Shipment

Keep in mind that most zip codes in Australia follow a four digit format that is similar to the zip code format followed across the eastern coast of the US. Because of this coincidence, many shipments are lost before leaving the US shore as the zip code makes them look like domestic service intended for the east coast.

You must therefore mention ‘AUSTRALIA’ in large bold format as part of the address. Address details must also include the zip code along with the usual name, address and city/state.