Buying Quality Cleaning Equipment and Supplies

High quality, eco friendly cleaning equipment and supplies contain lesser amounts of these deadly chemicals and are therefore less toxic and much safer for use. Green cleaning supplies are low in volatile organic compounds that negatively affect the quality of indoor air. They are also low in nitrogen, phosphorus and alkylphenol ethoxylates – common ingredients found in majority of the cleaners that can harm your internal organs.

Janitorial staff employed by businesses and offices as well as hotel housekeepers or anybody who uses these hazardous chemicals on a regular basis are exposed to these chemicals and resultantly suffer from dermatological diseases, irreversible skin disorders and even burns, cancers and lung disorders.

In extreme cases, employers are slapped with expensive lawsuits by injured janitorial staffs who demand compensation on the grounds of workplace injury, all thanks to highly alkaline or toxic chemical cleaning supplies.

Benefits of Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

Quality and eco friendly cleaning equipment and supplies have a number of benefits, namely low life cycle energy use, minimised packaging, low counts of VOC, lower toxicity and biodegradability.

Using these green, environment friendly, organic cleaning supplies packaged in reusable/recyclable containers will help to improve the quality of indoor air, minimise air and water pollution, pose lesser threats to human and animal life and reduce transportation energy and packaging waste.

At the same time, these cleaning supplies can also effectively clean, sanitise and deodorise your interiors and remove dust, dirt, grime, allergens, bacteria, fungi, viruses and different kinds of biological and inorganic contaminants.

Switching to environmentally preferable high quality cleaning equipment and supplies will also reduce your carbon footprint and your overhead expenditure for proper disposal of leftover materials.

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