Cleaning and Maintaining Your Retractable Roof Systems

Modern technology has come into people’s home, and its marvels have pushed something that was originally possible only in-game stadiums. We’re talking about retractable roof systems and they’re perfect for homes with garages and patio that like the great outdoors whilst needing protection from the sun every now and then.

This modern technology provides unparalleled flexibility to your home, especially if you are looking for ways to enjoy the outdoors. For one, retractable roof systems allow you to have a skylight and a sunroof, giving you the option to enjoy the sunshine with the UV rays and the heat filtered out and closing it when you want extra protection.

Whilst it looks like it’s hard to maintain the upkeep of a retractable roofing, it’s actually surprisingly uncomplicated to do. Here’s how:

• The first thing you check is the gasket. This allows for a perfect seal on the open area of the system when it’s enclosed. Every 6 months, you can clean it with a damp cloth with a mild detergent solution. Wipe rigorously and remove dust, particles and any other debris that can hamper its operation. Rise the gasket with clean water and wipe with a lint-free cloth.
• It’s best to peel off any lodged material on it, especially bird droppings as it can corrode the material and create holes. Dry it properly to prevent the growth of any moulds or mildew on the surface. Apply silicone lubricants if you have any as this will help seal and revitalise the gasket itself.
• The track and drive mechanism is amongst the most important parts of the entire setup. What it does is move and retract the material, which is the entire point of the installation. Remove any and all debris, making sure that this part is as clean as you can keep it.
• Do regular maintenance on the retractable roof systems. Have it checked in regular intervals and parts replaced when you are experiencing any abnormalities such as spring issues, slow retraction, delays on the movement or creaking.
• Keep to the regular soap and water routine cleaning and make sure to avoid anything abrasive, like cleaning acids, petroleum jelly and abrasive detergents, that can damage the surface of your roof system.

Maintaining and cleaning such a material looks hard, but the truth is that you can do this all by yourself, as long as you know what to do.

So if you want to install a quality outdoor shade, talk to a reliable supplier of retractable roof systems from Melbourne!