Tips to Co-Parenting after a Divorce

There’s a reason why the skin is the biggest organ of our body and that reason is that a touch can be assuring. While having intense chats or happy moments always hold your child’s hand. This unconsciously registers in the mind that you are there for the child. The child hence feels secure. Without a touch of hand, always speaking on the phone or email does not help much.

Understand your partner

A divorce changes a lot of things. You may just go back to your usual self or grow more worried. You could even turn into a better person. However, what you need to keep in mind is that every human is different and if your partner tries to be strict or stern with the child, you should accept it to a particular extent. Always objecting to your partners parenting style is definitely not a good idea.


Time heals a lot of things. Things just don’t go back to normal in a jiffy and they shouldn’t. You need to give time to your partner, yourself and most importantly your kids. You may not like the side effects of a divorce which may include your children getting angry and upset but you need to understand that it’s a big change for them. Giving them time and love is the only way to a happy future.

Family Lawyer Sydney CBD will bring all the options to you at the table. You need to choose how to go about it. Remember the decisions you take in anger always turn disastrous.


There may be instances when your partner may not be able to foot the medical expenses or take care of the finances as planned. In such circumstances, you must look at him or her with an understanding eye and come to a mutual decision so as to not disturb the child’s present and future.