5 Common Signs Your Tree Is Dying

Sick trees are not just an ugly sight to look at, but can also be dangerous. They can fall onto your home, damaged your automobile or worst can harm your family. So, to avoid that scenario, homeowners should regularly inspect signs that trees are not in a good condition. To help, we listed the symptoms to look for:

Changes in the Leaves

Often, leaves changes colour when the season is changing. However, you still need to be wary if they suddenly turn yellow or brown at a strange time of the year. This  could be an early sign that the tree has a disease. In addition, trees that begin to lose most of its leaves during summer or spring is also likely sick or dying.

Damaged Branches

Falling branches is also a sign that your tree has an illness. While the branches can be knocked off by intense winds, a sick tree will drop branches than usual. Also, if you further inspect it, you will notice that it is rotting or have insects build up.

Root Symptoms

Roots may become brittle and easy to break when the tree is sick. This is because it is infected by fungus and insects.


Trees are more likely to have wounds that later decay because of several reasons. It could be from an improper tree pruning, bumping of automobiles, or construction equipment. That’s why it is important to address the issue to tree services company immediately. This is to prevent the wounds from penetrating the bark and developing decaying fungi.

Weak Unions

Trees in poor condition may have dead twigs and weaker unions. So, once you’ve noticed that the branches are weaker and more prone to splitting, you need to consult the experts to know if it is sick and to avoid a future accident that can be hazardous to everyone.

Proper maintenance and prevention are the keys to keeping your trees healthy. That’s why it is advisable that you consult an expert in tree services from Mackay. Visit their website to view the full list of their catalogues.