How To Make Concrete Cutting A Little Easier

Everyone loves having a good mix of concrete that is strong and durable. Everyone has a magical combination that they prefer in their jobs and every construction guy will tell you how proud they are of their formula… until we need to do some concrete cutting. It’s dirty, it takes a lot of time but it is a necessary step to help build stronger better walls and foundation. There’s no super easy way to cut into something that is designed to be extra hard, but there is one choice that you can do to alleviate this issue and make your cuts a bit less of a chore.

If you are a builder and general handyman, you most likely have a beautiful dynamic with concrete. It’s designed to be strong, permanent and weather resistant and you love it, but these are the same qualities you tend to hate when you need to start replacing or cutting it into manageable chunks. Concrete cutting is a daunting task that requires precision and the right tools.

Diamonds are also a man’s best friend and they come in the form of diamond blades. Though corundum, the second hardest material, is much cheaper in raw price in comparison to diamond blades, the longevity of the blades on a per use basis makes the diamond a better option even if it is more expensive. If you take rental blades even, you’re charged every 1/1000 of an inch used after every use.

In addition, corundum blades cost a portion of the price but will take much slower to cut with, being able to operate on ¼ to ½ inch deep cuts and they wear away easier – losing half an inch of material after every 12 inches of concrete cut. Diamond cutters will be made of metal-diamond composites that slowly tears away in comparison to corundum and will always have a fresh, sharp blade that will not need to be sharpened.

There are a few ways to categorize diamond cutters for concrete cutting. Be it dry cutting or wet cutting diamond blades, you can rely on these blades to last you a long time and more cuts. If you have a project that needs to be done faster and easier, moving to a diamond cutter can make cutting concrete easy as a butter.

Doing it by yourself might cause harm to you, better leave it to professionals. Get the service of concrete cutting from Melbourne so you can rest assured the quality of the work.