How To Improve Your Smile

Teeth whitening is required if you are a regular smoker, take some specific medicines or drink caffeinated drinks like tea or coffee frequently. This procedure uses specific chemicals which bleach your teeth. This can either be done at the office of dentist or at home. While in-office whitening can be done within an hour, the procedure might take couple of weeks if done at home. Though this procedure is not a permanent solution, it can be quite effective. However, if you continue exposing your teeth to same chemicals or substances, it can get stained again.


Another significant procedure for enhancing your smile is veneers which involves developing custom shells of porcelain or plastic to cover the front set of teeth either to change their colour or shape. This procedure is used if there are gaps between teeth, broken or chipped teeth, stained or crooked teeth. This solution is a permanent one and cannot be removed unlike bonding. They are however less expensive than crowns.

The best dentist in Compton Road, Runcorn has many tools and techniques to improve your smile. However, before considering a specific procedure, you should know their advantages and disadvantages and your expectations from the process.

Teeth Whitening – Better Appearance

Teeth whitening can bring about a big and very desirable change in your looks. If you’re someone who is looking to reinvent yourself, then it is definitely a good idea to undergo teeth whitening. And the best part is that it is not a surgery. Teeth whitening can help improve your facial appearance to a great extent.

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