Dealing with end of lease cleaning companies

As much as we don’t want to leave our old apartments behind, we have to. This means you must put down every decoration that are attached to the wall and clean the corners of the house. In case you have a hard time getting rid of marks and dirt, you can always get an end of lease clean Sydney service. Below are the things considered to be your responsibility as a customer:

Speak to them in person

Do not get satisfied or contented talking to them virtually. Of course, that can be your first step, reaching out to them through their website, sending them an email, calling them through telephone, but of course, there is nothing better than negotiating to them in person.

The conversation will never be clear, especially if you are dealing business with them the first time unless you talk to them in person. Visit their physical office and speak to their representatives in person. The work you are about to give them is not easy and it requires specific instructions, so it is best if you provide them the details in person.

Get timelines

It is a must that you ask them to provide you with a timeline. You would not want them to work without giving you deadlines as to when they can finish the end of lease cleaning. They can determine the work after they have accomplished ocular inspection. They can assess the work after they see things they need to repair or clean on either your home or office.

Try to negotiate with time, the earlier time they finish, the better. Do not rush them of course, as they need enough time to accomplish and finish the job.

Let them check the area first before you give them the job

You would not want them to end up declining the agreement when they get to the location. It would be best if you let them see the area first before giving them the job. Sometimes, it is not enough to give them the situation of the property verbally, thus letting them visit the site would let them assess whether they can do the job right or not, at the price you discussed.