How a Densifier Improves Polished Concrete Floors

When you are trying to polish your concrete flooring, the number one thing that a contractor will offer you is to make your floor harder through the use of a densifier. This is especially true for older floors that may have had empty pores or have become too soft because of time.

There is a lot of wonderful things a densifier offers for polished concrete floors, especially if the brand is good. Many are sceptical of how the substance works, but there’s nothing else on the market that works better.

  • Take Care of the Pores

A densifier works by taking care of the pores. By nature, concrete is porous and will have uniformity issues. What the densifier does for polished concrete floors is to react with the lime within the floor and fill in the gaps of the pores. As long as there is a lime substance that can be found within the mix, the chemical will continue hardening and be filling the pores.

  • Lock Topical Colours

One of the benefits that densifier solution is good for is its ability to lock topical colours. In addition, whilst concrete will polish fine without having densifier used on it, the surface will have a prolonged lifespan if densifier is used.

This is because the instantaneous reaction with the calcium and free lime in the mix, which takes effect on the first hour or two, and continues to work for upwards to two months as long as calcium and free lime is available in the mix. These solutions tend to have agents to push the hardening process further, like potassium, lithium or sodium, together with other concrete agents.

  • Stain-Resistant

Floors treated with a densifier solution are also much more resistant to staining. They are also free from dust accumulation because there is very little microabrasion that happens within the surface. Lastly, it is easier to clean.

If you plan on having polished concrete floors, it’s best to have your contractor check it first and apply densifiers if needed. There is a lot of benefits to having densifiers added to your concrete floor. Not only does it make it harder as time passes by but it reduces the need for cleaning and staining as well. Not all surfaces need a densifying solution, but if your contractor recommends adding this to your surface, you might as well do that.

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