Signs of Domestic Violence

If a person has little or no money on her hands, if the person’s credit cards and/or car have been taken away, if the person does not even have permission to talk, chat, meet or engage in simple recreational activities with friends/family/neighbours, these may be warning signs that everything is not right in the relationship.

In many cases, women trapped in an abusive relationship sport injuries or bruises on their bodies which are a result of being punched or choked or thrown down or kicked around. Common warning signs are sprained wrists, purple or red marks at the neck, black eyes, burned or scalded skin, cigarette burns either on the skin or on the genitals, blackish-bluish bruise marks in several places or broken limbs.

Several bruises on the arms can be an indication of the victim trying to defend herself from her partner. Many victims are so ashamed of the whole affair or are so scared of their abusive partners that they try to hide their bruises under clothing or makeup.

They also make excuses like being clumsy or falling down the stairs or tripping over and other such lame excuses which do not justify or add up to the scale or seriousness of the injury.

Seeking Redressal through Family Lawyers

If you are a victim of domestic abuse and violence, you need not feel alone and helpless. If you reach out to any of the domestic violence helplines or support groups for help, it can put an end to your nightmarish ordeal.

If you feel you have had enough and want to initiate legal proceedings against your partner, you can contact Family Lawyers Sydney who will fight for you and for the rights of you and your kids. If your friend is a victim of domestic violence and abuse, be supportive to her and get her in touch with family lawyers or other necessary authorities who can take her under their wings and protect her.