Effective Chemical-Free Methods to Rid Your House of Termites

Termites may be tiny, but the damage they cause is huge. If you ignore their existence, you’re risking the safety of your family. These pests are more than capable of causing your house to crumble to the ground. It’s a good thing you can get rid of them by using chemical-free methods.

When you find a furniture item that is infested with termites, bring it outside during daytime. The heat of the sun will automatically eradicate all the pests living in the furniture. Another natural way to get rid of them is using Nematodes as the mere sight of them would make termites head for the hills. Nematodes are worms that eat these pests for breakfast. They can be bought at hardware stores or online shops.

Since termites love cardboards, devise a trap by rinsing the cardboard with water and leaving it on the ground. When you see a sign that the cardboard is infested, light it up. One less known fact is mulch is an excellent source of cellulose. Because of that, these pests love to feast on them. If you have mulch in your property, you can get rid of them by scooping them out with a shovel. For the ones that are hard to pick up, use a leaf blower on them.

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