Dispute Resolution and Mediation Tips

Family dispute resolution implies the process of coming to a settlement about your family affairs instead of going to court for the issues entailed. The process helps separated couples to resolve their disputes regarding child support, parenting, partner maintenance and division of property.

The dispute resolution can involve several techniques like arbitration, negotiation, collaborative law and mediation. The technique used most often is mediation. It is beneficial to take the assistance of family lawyers who provide the parties involved in the dispute with a supportive ambience.

Dispute Resolution Process

Family Lawyer Sydney helps you talk about the problems and come to an agreement. It is crucial that you and your partner listen to each other’s standpoint without interruptions, share important information, explore options and identify the issues that need resolution.

The lawyer may offer possible solutions. You may try out the solutions to see if they are viable. At the conclusion of the dispute resolution process, you must put agreements and decisions in a written document.

The family lawyer may present you a certificate stating that you and your partner (or the other individual involved) have attended a dispute resolution. The certificate will also state whether your or the other individual have sincerely tried to arrive at a settlement, based on the outcome of the dispute resolution.

Many relationships are unable to survive the problem and a separation becomes imminent. As you are torn from the sheltered family life, you become increasingly isolated and can even become suicidal.