What Is A Fashion Stylist?

Fashion stylist may be termed as a contemporary fashion professional, who is primarily more engaged with individuals compared to fashion brands. As a distinguished stylist, you must have a keen aesthetic sense, combined with the expertise to blend design and style in the fashion world. You must equally possess finer inherent qualities to be able to dress varieties of body types elegantly for every event and occasion. In other words, you are a man for all seasons. Most typical business clients. Celebrities and show-biz personalities of all sorts are so overly obsessed with personal stylists that even everyday people, with a taste for fashion, are overtly hiring specialists. Though this service is viewed as a typical luxury, the experience itself is quite beneficial.

Since the art is progressively evolving into a full-blown cult, now is the best time, for people with that special edge, to get into this rapidly growing business.

  • tools of the trade
  • acute eye for trends in fashion
  • experience in dressing diversity of body types
  • taking pleasure in shopping
  • fashionable website
  • The life of a personal stylist

Most successful stylists religiously study fashion, look diligently through every available fashion magazine, and watch a variety of television shows that cover current styling practices. They read books about fashion designers, learn about prominent designers and their respective signature styles. They possess the right qualifications. Working as a personal assistant for a celebrity is always an advantage. If they can create the perfect fashion for a celebrity, it acts as a privileged entry-pass to the top status as a personal stylist. They use hired staff and professional models as prototypes. Take photographs in their everyday attires, then style and dress them for the desired occasion, to produce the dazzling “before and after” effect. An appropriate commentary is added to describe the fashion style adopted, an occasion for which it is created and specifically designed for, and include some information covering their personality as well as preferred style. This initiates a glamorous portfolio for chosen the design.

To promote their business, they may walk into a prominent store and offer a free styling day. This creates business for the store, as well as demonstrates their personal styles. A higher awareness is thus created among customers who will in the future seek these very stylists for their designs.

Distinguished Sydney personal fashion stylist cover design and color consultations, body configuration amplifications, styles that suit particular lifestyles, facial make-up sessions, and shopping counseling. They help individuals to understand specific clothing styles which suit their precise lifestyles and features. This will help the person gain confidence in their looks and feelings.