Get Superannuation Pension Advice for Your Future

Getting superannuation pension advice can greatly improve your finances for the future. Superannuation or super fund is the money you can have during retirement. It is not a gift or incentive from your boss or the government, but it is part of your salary. About 9,5% goes to this retirement fund. But you can also add more funds into it so you can have more in the future.

As such, you need to get superannuation pension advice to secure your finances. By doing so, your money can be invested so that it will grow over time.

How Much More Can You Add

The government sets limits on the additional money that can be added to the super fund. This is referred to as contribution caps. There are basically two ways to add money to your funds. One of them is the ‘before-tax contributions’ or the concessional contributions. You can learn more about this by getting a superannuation pension advice from our financial advisors. But, basically, it includes any amount of money that is added to the super fund before tax is deducted. An example is the 9.5% employer compulsory contributions.

The other one is the ‘after-tax contributions’ that can be elaborated further through superannuation pension advice. Briefly, this is the money that you add to the super fund after the taxes have been deducted. For example, if you plan on selling a real estate property and after you have paid the capital gains tax, you are left with some money which you can add to the super fund.

But you should understand that there are certain caps to consider. To help you more about them, do not hesitate to get in touch with our financial advisors.

Benefits of Having Super Funds

The main benefit you can get from superannuation is that you have money to use for your retirement years. In addition to this, you can get more tax incentives if you will place your after-tax contributions in the super fund rather than investing in other areas.

Plan for your retirement as early as now and be prepared for your future by getting superannuation pension advice. Visit our website here for more details.