Why Hire Mobile Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists?

Wedding Hair

Ladies tend to have their makeup overdone during wedding occasions. Hence, it is important to choose the best mobile wedding hair and makeup artists.

Are you invited to a wedding ceremony this weekend? If you are out of time, it’s better to hire these professionals to get you ready for the event. Here’s why:

Wedding Hair Stylist

You are hiring both a hair stylist and makeup professional.

You won’t need to go to another salon to get your face done after a blowout session at another. Most of all, a professional will focus on your best features. You will have the freedom to indicate what type of look you want to go for at the event. You can suggest what blush or shadow colour to use on you.

You will be much more comfortable around them.

They will be the ones to come to your home and do your make-up from there. You won’t have to travel just to go to your scheduled parlour session. As professionals, they have a complete arsenal of brushes, sponges and tools as well as foundation, blush, highlighter and brow powders from trusted makeup brands. It’s like the salon came to your place, instead of you visiting the salon.

They know how to style you best according to your overall features.

Whilst they’re most likely willing to comply with what you want, nothing beats their years of experience styling for a magazine and editorial shoots. Their exposure to high fashion and runway events give them enough inspiration to create the most beautiful look you want them to do.

They arrive and finish the job just in time before the wedding.

You will never be late for the reception and have more time getting ready. Another guarantee is that you will not look too ashy, pale or orange on camera which no one wants to look like.

Bunny and Bohe is professional mobile wedding hair and makeup artists that will serve you on the Gold Coast. You can even visit their place and have a trial styling with them before the event. For more information, visit their website.