Do’s And Don’ts Of House Washing

When grime and bird droppings start to pile up on your home’s exteriors, you’ll need to do something about that. You must buy cleaning materials and clean them up before your health gets in danger. You can use power equipment for your house washing. Before doing that, be familiar with these do’s and don’ts:

Do protect plants. If you think they’ll be in danger, you can put plastic cloths on them. You can also move the ones on a vase to a place where they won’t get in contact with the chemicals used. One good place to move them would be inside the house.

Don’t use a ladder. You’ll be risking injury if you use a ladder. There’s a chance you’ll fall and injure your spinal cord when you reach the highest rung. When that happens, there’s a possibility you’ll spend the rest of your life in a wheelchair. It would be better to stay on the ground or stand on objects if you need to be higher.

Do be aware of potential consequences. If you use a high-pressure water system, it can damage your window screens. When that happens, you’ll have no choice but to buy new ones. Therefore, you should do your best to keep your aim away from your windows.

Don’t spray in the wrong direction. The correct direction for power washing will always be a downward direction. You won’t do yourself any favours if you do it in an upward direction.

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