Industrial Deafness: Causes and Symptoms

Prolonged exposure to noise can cause your workers to become ill with industrial deafness. It is more commonly known as occupational deafness or noise-induced hearing loss. It is an illness that exists in all the industries.

If you are exposed to noise, no matter where you work, you are susceptible to becoming ill. To understand this illness better, we will have to understand the causes and symptoms. Causes that we would can and need to mitigate if it is unavoidable. Symptoms that need to be noticed for early treatment.


Being Exposed to Loud Noises for an Extended Period

Your chance of becoming ill is high if you are exposed to loud noise every day.  Your chance increases if you have no proper personal protective equipment. These are the common industrial work and their noise level:

•    Discharging Metal Objects Into Metal Bins: 85dBA- 95dBA
•    General Noise Level in Fabrication Shop: 85dBA- 95dBA
•    Grinding on a Pedestal Grinder: 90dBA- 95dBA
•    Hammering Steel: 95dBA- 100dBA
•    Guillotining: 95dBA- 100dBA
•    Multi-Spindle Automatic Turning: 95dBA- 105dBA
•    Circular Sawing Metal: 95dBA- 105dBA
•    Pressing/Blanking: 95dBA- 110dBA
•    Riveting- 100dBA- 110dBA
•    Punch Pressing: 110dBA- 120dBA

These are the common equipment in any industry and their noise level:

1.    Power Press:  99dBA
2.    40-Ton Press: 98dBA
3.    Press Flywheel: 88dBA
4.    Punch Press: 93dBA
5.    Notching Press: 97dBA
6.    Pedestal Grinder: 104dBA
7.    Bench Grinder: 95dBA
8.    Circular Cutting Saw: 94dBA
9.    Metal Cutting Guillotine: 92dBA
10.    Hydraulic Guillotine: 95dBA

Burst of Loud Noise

There are noises that don’t occur every day, but when they do, they are loud. If you are in this situation, you will be most likely to become ill with industrial deafness.


You Hear Muffled Sounds

This is the classic tell-tale if you have this illness because you need to volume up everything or you need the people you talk to louden up their voice just so you can hear them.

You Miss Certain Words or Phrases in a Conversation

You will miss out on certain words and phrases, which would result in you not understanding the conversation entirely.

When There Is Background Noise, You Will Have Difficulties in Hearing

When you are in a crowded place, you will have difficulties in listening to conversations. Oftentimes, you will most probably have confusion when talking to somebody in a place with a lot of people, for you are not able to hear them.

You Hear Ringing Noise Around Your Ears

There are times when you hear buzzing sound in your ears, it would seem like a bee is always flying around your ears. There are instances even when the buzzing noise is present even during your sleep. This is also the most common symptom of industrial deafness.

If you’re experiencing this kind of symptoms, don’t hesitate to call for industrial deafness, they have the best services when it comes to this matter.