How to Get Claim for Industrial Deafness

Industrial Deafness

If you are suffering from hearing loss due to continuous exposure to noisy working environment you are suppose to get compensation for the same. If you are experiencing one or more of these below mentioned conditions while you are working in a noisy working place then you are legally eligible to get claim for industrial deafness. The conditions are:

• Continuous exposure to workplace noise
• Damaged hearing
• Suffering due to negligence of the employer
• Suffering due to lack of protection
• Incapable of working
• Loss of income

What is industrial deafness?

Before one goes to claim for industrial deafness one should know what exactly industrial deafness is. It is the condition when one loses his/her hearing as a result of working in noisy workplace. As per the Noise at Work act, all employers must ensure that they follow guidelines to reduce or prevent the health and safety risks of their employees that could occur due to exposure to noise at their workplace. Industrial deafness can affect anyone irrespective of the age. The severity of deafness depends on level of noise a person is exposed to and also the time period for which a person is exposed to the noise.

Get a hearing test done

The noise induced hearing loss or occupational deafness is the trickiest case as people who are suffering from the hearing loss complain remains completely unaware of it. As the hearing loss happens very slowly, the person does not have any idea about the problem. In many cases family members or friends identify the situation when they find the person is keeping TV or radio sound too loud or they are missing parts of conversation. But there are ways using which industrial deafness can be easily identified. By getting a hearing test done, it becomes easy for a person to know whether he or she is suffering from hearing loss and according claim for industrial deafness.
How legal professionals can help

You can never carry on with the legal proceedings of industrial deafness claim on your own. You would not know about many Acts and Regulations and could not manage legal matters alone. Only an experienced lawyer could help you get into the right path so that your claim for industrial deafness is given. By seeking help from expert legal professional you are sure to get personalized services. Every case is unique and each case needs unique treatment. Right from how to file the case to arranging documents to face the hearing, everything would be guided well by these legal practitioners.

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