3 Reasons to Give Away Lapel Pins on Your Next Event

Corporate events and even family get-togethers can be pretty fun, especially when you take into consideration the gifts given away after the party. Whilst there are popular items such as notebooks, pens and even umbrellas, lapel pins are making a statement. Aside from being a nifty and unique souvenir item, this makes for a stylish giveaway.

Lapel Pins

Below are three reasons why you should consider giving these accessories away during your next event:

Lapel Pins

Make a Bold Statement

Despite being small in size, a lapel pin can create a bold statement. It can make your outfit pop up and stand out from the crowd just by adding this accessory. Besides letting you stand out from your competitors in the business, you can easily show support for causes or organisations you believe in. Since these can be worn with almost any type of clothing this can be used for any occasion, this allows you to promote your advocacy or the company you’re working in.

Affordable Pricing

When giving small token, one of the most important considerations you have to make is the pricing. In the end, you don’t shell out too much for an event which will only last for a few hours. By getting these pins, you can simply have them produced at low prices. Depending on your design and the manufacturing process, you can avail these for under 3 bucks of the piece if you get it in bulk.

Easy to Pack and Carry

Most people look forward to receiving various tokens during events. However, some of these items can be big and bulky, making it difficult for guests to carry. With a custom pin, your guests won’t have to worry about making space in their bags. All they need to do is attach this to their clothes or even to their lanyards.

Consider giving lapel pins during your next event. With the help of Name Tags and Badges, you can give small, unique and memorable items that will make the right impression. To order, give them a call today.