Key Make-up Tips most Artists Follow when Dressing People up for Family Functions

When you are having a wedding or are hosting a charity ball or dinner, it is a family function where you need to be dressed well. You need to be in sync with family members but be different from every other guest at the family function. Preparing for these events can be exciting as you are thinking of everything right from the dress, menu and make-up.

Set a theme

Since the family is hosting the event, they should follow a theme. The theme can be formals such as suits and skirts or gowns if it is a wedding or professional event. If it is a wedding party or an informal event, then it can be informal such as celebrities or characters of a movie, mythology or story. The Asian make-up artists will dress each member of the family according to the characters that suit the person.

While setting the theme, you need to ensure that you keep the location of the function in mind. If it is indoors such as church or party hall, then you can go for themes such as a kingdom. However, if it is outdoors such as back yard or an open garden, it can be a theme related to the elements of nature.

Skin colour

One of the most important things to keep in mind while getting ready for a family function is the make-up. Many make-up artists do not take care about the skin tone of the person while applying make-up in the last minute. It is necessary to ensure that people with darker skin tones wear lighter shades whereas family members with lighter skin tone wear dark coloured shades. This way the whole family will look good together.