Choosing Boots For Formals Occasions

If you are somebody who likes to make a statement with your attire then monk straps are the perfect choice for you. The monk strap shoe has a big buckle on the side and this type of shoe can add a lot of zing to your outfit. Try pairing a monk strap shoe with a really dressy suit and a red tie and see yourself becoming the center of attention. However monk straps are not shoes that will be suitable at a black tie affair. Oxfords and wingtip shoes are the best bet for such events.

Pay attention to heel size

If you are going to go to an event which requires you to dance then choosing a boot with a large heel will make it uncomfortable for you. Low heels are great for comfort and style unless you want to add some inches to your stature. You can spend the night dancing away but still won’t feel your feet ache if the correct men’s dress shoes are worn by you. Visit here for options.

Less is more

When it comes to men’s dress shoes, the simpler the better. Embellishments don’t work as you have got to have the personality to carry them without looking tacky. Most men are safe dressers and should stick to black large toed medium heeled boots. With so many options out there it could become difficult choosing the right fit but that’s where this advice is going to help.