Statistics of Motor Accidents In Australia

The road safety center works hand in hand with all public stakeholders and private bodies to increase awareness about safety and proper road sense. Many road user groups have been established whose only purpose is to ensure the safety quotient on public roads.

The center for Road Safety and accident prevention has undertaken several initiatives to ensure safety prevails on all national roads. It has joined hands with the Transport and Road Safety Research group to detect and further investigate links between road crash data sheets and hospital records of deaths and injuries.

This research has proved that about 26% of all injuries resulting from a motor accident are serious. The research group is also performing individual case studies for separate situations. See Motor Accident Lawyers

Historical fatality rates of road accidents

If you inspect the fatality rate due to road accidents in Australia you will find that from the year 1926 to 1970 there has been a steady increase in motor vehicle ownership and motor crashes on the road. This information excludes the time frames of great depression and World War 2.

By 1970 there was a twelve times increase in the accident rate. The number of fatalities per 100,00o people was at an all time high of 30.4. This was the time that the Australian Government woke up to the cause of establishing strict safety laws, creating safe driving awareness, ensuring police patrolling and establishing organizations which researched on public road safety.