Using Fit Outs In A Staff Friendly Way

In the past, inspirational posters and the employee of the month wall will help your employees work their best, and make you the best boss ever. Today, employees want their offices to have thoughtful designed offices that many fit outs companies have, and extra feature like bike racks, and nice communal area. Gone are the days of lunch rooms with uncomfortable plastic seats, and sad-looking bathrooms. Here are some of the trends that your employees would love if you put into the office.

Comfy Chairs and Better Fit Outs

Making over an office has never been easier since fit outs come in different designs and comfort levels. Most office workers like to have comfortable furniture, especially they want their chairs to be comfortable. Being comfortable at their work space can make their work easier, and more enjoyable overall.

The look of the fit outs is also important as the quality and how aesthetically pleasing the décor is has an effect on how professionally people act and how they feel about their work and where they work. Creating a space that is enjoyable helps employees be less stressed, and work longer work hours. Employees also like having extra service close by or on site, like childcare, gyms, and cafès.

Calming Places and Lively Colours

One of the most wanted things by most employees is somewhere they can relax away from their desks, even if they are only away from their desk for a few minutes each day.

Colour is playing a huge trend in this and the next generation of offices. Many offices are moving away from greys and light colours since the lack of colour in an office is damaging to the mental health of the employees. Many companies are picking stimulating colours for their offices, to make the offices feel more inviting to both clients and employees.

Play makes work better

Google and Nitro use this motto, and has data that this motto help the employees’ level of production. You do not have to a huge company to do this. Having a kitchen with a stocked pantry with healthy snack and lunch options is a great place to start. You can also add a ping-pong table or air hockey table to a corner of the office. Even having break-zones with smaller activities can help. Wall to wall whiteboards can be both fun and functional for people to brainstorm on.

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