What Are The 2013 Online Marketing Trends?

2012 was a booming year for the analytics industry. There were several packages that came up which claimed to break down the channel silos. It was a year in which the industry was focused on attribution tracking i.e. the process of realising the specific value of a marketing action.

2013 will see a lot of attribution modeling too with an added focus on how different internet channels influence each others’ actions. The analytics industry will continue to flourish while key players will try to innovate and modify their offerings.


Companies worldwide are now focused on “customer engagement” and providing an interactive gaming experience. The gaming philosophy and design approach is now applied to non game apps too. The idea is to make the apps seem fun, fresh and funky to the users.

Both brands and tart ups have been spending a lot of money on lending a “games” flavor to their non games applications. Big Door, PunchTab and other similar platforms have made this job easier.

The pull appeal

Marketing online finally seems to have taken the giant leap from push to pull. Global players are now actively allocating resources and creating content which can draw users to their websites instead of relying on paid Online Marketing Experts.

If you are a company which focuses a lot on virtual marketing then you should get some great content and amazing graphics ready. This whole shift towards inbound marketing will help the quality maintenance of online content – Website designers Sunshine Coast.