3 Ways to Avoid Common Palm Tree Removal Accidents

Have you noticed how much your tree has grown? If the answer is yes, you must trim it immediately. You shouldn’t let it grow to a point where it’s bothering your neighbours. If you have the needed equipment, you can trim the tree on your own. However, this task is prone to accidents.  Here are a few ways to avoid having injuries whilst in the process of doing palm tree removal:

Wear Safety Goggles

Whilst chipping away at the trees, small particles will fly from it. Unfortunately, those things will cause you to get temporarily blinded when they get in your eyes. You’re lucky if you’re on the ground but if you’re standing on a branch, you may fall off and suffer fatal injuries. You can avoid this by wearing eye protection goggles.

Clean Ladder

There’s a strong possibility you’ll use your ladder to scale the trees. However, if the ladder isn’t clean, there’s a possibility that you’ll fall from it and suffer extreme injuries. Hence, you must make sure the ladder is completely clean before you use it. Besides, it won’t take you long to clean it anyway. You just need to wipe it using a microfibre cloth.

Wear Safety Helmet

Whilst you’re walking near the trees, there’s a possibility its branches will fall and knock you completely. As a result, you may end up traumatised. It will be worse when more branches fall on you whilst you’re unconscious. Hence, it would be better to protect your head by wearing a safety helmet.

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