Professional Core Hole Drilling Hacks

For many newbies and people who are trying to get into the construction business, the idea of core hole drilling is typically a foreign concept that is not just scary to do but is actually quite a challenging job to perform. If you are not really sure on how to perform this task, you might risk damaging the property of people actually paying you to improve their property. Many core drillers find out eventually that it’s not just about having the right tools for the right job that’s important but also having the knowledge and experience to know what to do in the right situation.

First of these must-knows is the proficient use of water and cooling feature when it comes to core hole drilling. When doing some wet drilling, it’s not about having too little or having too much water, but just having the right amount. Here’s why.

When you do the task, the point of the water is to create a semi liquid mixture between the concrete dust, debris, and the water, allowing the diamonds of your bits to create a contact between the bit and the surface by keeping them exposed and cooled.

With little or no water, you are risking your drill to grind and wear out because no mixture happens, hence it cannot go forward and start to swell from the friction. With too much water, the mixture does not form a semi-liquid that is coarse enough to create friction and keep the diamonds exposed throughout the process. There’s a simple way to resolve this, however.

There’s a simple way to resolve this, however.

Contractors need to keep the water mixture at a consistency that is similar to a creamy milkshake. It might sound absurd to you, but having a mixture that has a thick, frothy consistency is perfect for drilling cores.

If you make sure that this is always the consistency that you use, you allow a perfect balance between the cooling of the drill bit and contact of the bit diamonds with the surface, assuring a consistent contact all throughout the process. This is one of the easy tricks to making your core hole drilling work easier, faster and more efficient.

There are many more hacks that you can do to make your job simpler, from the proper use of an anchor, using speeds to your advantage and having enough power to do the job. Knowledge is important in a job, no matter how tedious it is. You can check out core hole drilling Sydney and learn more!