Red Flags to Watch Out When Hiring a Real Estate Agent

With the rapid increase of online real estate business, it’s been easier for people to buy and sell their homes. But despite the improvements technology has provided to many residents, it doesn’t mean that the value of property agents has decreased in any way.

Remember, the trick to a successful selling or purchasing of a home is to find the expert to help you.

Here are red flags to watch out for when looking for a qualified agent:

  • Has a poor set of people skills

One characteristic to check when choosing an agent is her negotiation skills. An agent that has a poor set of skills wouldn’t be able to give you a list of homes she has successfully sold.

As a buyer, you’d want one that will land great deals in the houses your eyeing. And as a seller, you’d want one that gets your home listed on various websites, the mortgage is pre-approved, and all issues raised by house inspectors are resolved.

  • You’re offered with houses outside of your budget

Be careful of ones who are only interested in selling you the most expensive homes on their list. You’re obviously getting ripped off. Someone like that would hide all the issues of the home just to get you to sign the deal.

And as a seller, try asking at least two to three agents on what price would they set on the house, why they want to price is that high or low and how long does it take before they’re able to land a buyer for your home. If your agent can answer that, it’s time to find a new one.

  • Only works on the sidelines

Buying or selling a home is a serious matter. You’d want someone to focus on her job. If an agent only does this kind of work on the side, then you want the best deals either on the home you’re eyeing or the one you’re planning to sell.

If you have plans to buy or sell a home, you’ll need the skills of a good real estate agent. Visit Langland’s website and get started on finding your dream home today!