Safety Precautions Electricians Must Observe While

Safety Precautions Electricians Must Observe While Working

As long as there are houses and buildings, you’ll always need electricians. Modern civilisation is dependent on electricity for survival. Almost all our appliances at home use electricity to function. This makes their job very important to our lives.

What’s more, these professionals have the riskiest of job descriptions. One of their occupational hazards is handling live wires. Even one mistake will cause a fatal electrocution. This is the reason experienced electricians should know safety precautions such as wearing safety gears whilst doing their job.

Here are some important safety guidelines that you should see in the electricians you hire:

• Should avoid water always when working with electricity. They shouldn’t also repair electrical equipment, wiring or circuits using wet hands. Water is very conductive of electric current.

• Should never use tools and equipment with skinned cords, damaged insulation or plugs. Even a tiny voltage of electricity running through your body can cause cardiac arrest and other damage to your health.

• Must always turn off the main switch whilst working on an outlet or receptacle. You should also put up a sign so that nobody would accidentally switch it on.

• Must always use tools with insulation while working.

• Always use proper insulated rubber gloves and goggles while working on an electrical circuit.

• Never use an aluminium or any metal ladder. There are ladders with insulation that are used exclusively for electricians such are those made of bamboo, wood or fibreglass.

• Must be well versed in the wire code, schematic diagram and other signs for electricians.

• Always use circuit breakers or fuse that has the right current rating. These are protective devices that will automatically disconnect the live wire when there is a short circuit or overcurrent.

• Should always be cautious in soldering circuit boards. They must wear safety goggles and masks to prevent inhalation of toxic fumes whilst working on boards. The soldering iron should also be placed on its stand when not in use as they can lead to burns and fires.

Professional electricians must know the safety measures to prevent lethal accidents. See to it that they observe them carefully to avoid problems whilst working. electricians have fully licensed and insured electrical experts that you can trust when it comes to the electrical services. They specialising in electrical installation, maintenance, and repair services for over 30 years.