How to Use Security Screens

A security screen apart from sheltering your patio or courtyard from the rain or scorching summer heat also offers you an unobstructed all round view. In the summer, you can retire temporarily to your porch and watch the sunset without being pestered by insects. You can choose from an almost endless range of styles and designs. Wooden or stainless steel frames go best with security screens.

For fencing of pools

It is mandatory to have fencing for a swimming pool and going for a security screen is more prudent than settling for a conventional swing door or sliding door fence. These days many home owners are opting for a fibreglass security screen which is not only versatile but also looks attractive. You can opt from an infinite array of designs.

Emergency egress

Emergency exit doors allow for convenient and speedy exiting in the event of a fire outbreak or other any other disaster and also acts as a robust barricade from external access. You can go for special designs for all your emergency exits or ingresses that’ll allow you or all other inhabitants to escape quickly in case of any catastrophe.

It is safe to have an alarm monitoring at home.

Garden enclosures

Security screens have been used as protective enclosures for gardens since long. Continuous innovation in this segment means more and more improved designs and sleeker choices for customers. You can go for security sliding doors that look ultra-modern with the garden setting and look enchanting from a distance.

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