Taking care of your Ski Tube

If you put in too little air or too much air, the tubes will get damaged faster. With lesser air, the ski tubes will not be able to balance on the water properly and too much air may lead to bursting. Every product has a manual and it is important to read the manual thoroughly before inflating
your tubes. Over inflation or under inflation are both equally damaging after all.

Avoid keeping it in the sun

Too much sun exposure can damage your tubes. Avoid keeping them in the direct sun for long hours at a stretch. Even while at the beach, find a shade to keep it under when you are not using it. Direct sunlight can damage the surface and also affect the air pressure.

Use it often

If you decide to buy tubes, you should use it often to keep it going. Keeping them locked up will just lead to the surface getting spoilt faster. Like most sporting equipment, tubes should not be locked up for long periods of time. Ensure that you choose waterskiers connection on beachside holidays or water skiing adventures.

Ski Tube – Turning and Controlling Speed

Once you have learned your stance, the next step is to turn while skiing. Always turn in zig-zag, making an S shape while you ski along. And when you turn, use your thighs to rotate your pelvis. Should you use your ankles to make a turn, you may lose balance and fall. Another important thing to consider is not to try too hard to avoid snow bumps along the way. Aim at them and then when you approach them, navigate around them. This gives you more balance.

Sometimes controlling your speed and coming to a stop could be tricky. Hunch down a bit and try to bring your toes towards each other (forming the same inverted V position), as you slow down. Make sure you don’t stand straight suddenly. You may trip and fall.