The Importance of Smoke Alarms in Commercial Properties

In this day and age, it is rare to see properties without smoke alarms. This is because of the increasing awareness when it comes to safety and security. In the process of having one installed? Take the time to know the importance of these systems in your commercial property:

Compliance with Laws

All Australian states have laws regarding the installation of these smoke detectors. There are different provisions that outline the requirements. In some states, older buildings are required to have hardwired alarms, whilst others obligate owners to install battery-powered ones in residential properties. Non-compliance with these laws will result in penalties and even imprisonment.

Smoke DetectorInvestment Protection

For landlords, these properties are sources of income. This is why owners always prioritise the protection of their investments. One way to do this is by installing these devices. This allows them to know when there is a fire, giving them the chance to act accordingly.

Landlord Liabilities

Whilst protecting their investment is a top reason why owners install these devices, they also consider the liabilities they will face should a fire occur. Fires can result to property loss or damages, as well as injuries and deaths. When this happens, it will be considered the responsibility of the landlord if it is found out that there are no working smoke alarms or that inspections were neglected.

Peace of Mind

One of the most important reasons why people get these devices is because of the peace of mind it provides. Without these devices, worrying about possible fires can be an additional stressor to tenants and owners. Therefore, these systems are necessarily so that occupants and landlords can rest assured that their place is safe and sound.

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