Steps for Efficiently Repainting Your Room

Repainting your room can be both tedious and terrifying especially for newbies. Here are some tips to make this task easy, as recommended by professional painters.

Create a plan – Have a picture of your finished painted room before you start the actual process. You may even ask a graphic artist to help you visualise the actual look of your new room. You also need to consider the materials that you’ll use, including the repairs that you need to perform in the room as well as the type of paints and the tools to use for this task.

Repair damaged surfaces – You don’t want to coat surfaces with holes, scratches, and abrasions. As such, you need to fix them first before you apply your first coating. You need to scrape away old paint and sand the painted woodwork to soften rugged surfaces and shiny surfaces to make a fresh coat of paint stick.

Prepare the room – Painting is a messy process. You need to cover your floors and areas that you don’t want to be painted like outlets and switches with newspaper or tape. You also need to remove the appliances and furniture. The toxic fumes from solvents might stay in your room for a while so prepare a temporary room for sleeping at least for a week or until the odour is gone. Make sure the ventilation is good to avoid inhaling toxic fumes. Turn off air conditioners or dehumidifiers during the entire painting session.

Prepare the materials – Make sure you have your paint, thinner as well as brushes and rollers of different sizes ready to avoid delays. Inhaling harmful chemicals can cause serious lung and other health problems, so be sure you have your materials ready to prevent exposing to them for long.

Use rollers and brushes to coat the edges – Rollers are ideal for painting wide wall area. Just be sure to coat the area evenly. After you coated most of the walls, use brushes to cover the edges with paint. Try to make long, smooth brushes to prevent brush marks.

To ensure that you have your room painted beautifully and to avoid problems during the process, you need to seek help from painters.