Damages caused by Termite Infestation

If you’re thinking of purchasing a new home, you should hire an approved termite inspector who’ll carry out detailed pest inspections and give you a complete report of all or any vulnerable site. And if your existing structure has been affected by termite infestation, you should engage a pest inspections Melbourne firm for assessing the extent of damage before undertaking repairs or renovations.

Wall damages

Walls in your home are highly vulnerable to infestations and damage by subterranean termites as they’re easily accessible, they have a wide expanse, and they’re comparatively slender than other areas or surfaces. Subterranean termites are so called as they live and build colonies beneath the soil.

So, if the walls in your home can be directly reached through the soil, these termites can easily scale the walls and cause inexplicable damage that’ll escape your notice for a long time period as the disintegration will start from the floor level. Although wall damages caused by termites are usually irreversible, timely intervention through the use of termite repellents and disinfectants can avert disasters with the help of pest inspection Sunshine Coast.

Foundation damage

Of all the species of termites found in the country, subterranean species abound and also inflict the maximum damage to homes and building structures. These termites thrive by building underground colonies and they constantly rummage for food via open fissures or gaps in your basement structure.

Pest control services can be trusted to complete the job in minimum time as per your convenience, without hampering your routine. Doing it yourself may take longer than necessary while exposing you to more risks and problems. Also the service will maintain a record of when you are due for a follow up, which you personally might not be able to track to perfection.