Tips for Attaining the 45-Point Mark on IB

Are you interested in scoring a 45 on your IB? Here are some of the things you can do to attain success at Level 7.

  1. Native Language

Perhaps you’re wondering what you can do about your native language. Well, the stats have proven that French students usually score an amazing 14.49% level 7s with an aggregate of 5.5 compared to English literature, which has a mean grade of 4.8 with a 2.86% level 7 grades.

Spanish literature seems to be the toughest with a 1.76% chance whilst German earned a 10 % chance of all the grades at level 7. However, if you want to boost your chance at level 7, try some literature like the Hebrew lit, Persian lit or the Macedonian Literature HL.

  1. Foreign Language

Choices at this stage are usually limited by the school you’re attending. Statistics have proven that 64.29% of Greek students scored or achieved level 7 by 2013 comparing to a 34.55% of Latin students.

Then take a comparison of the above grades to those of Spanish B students who attain top grades and you will take note of the enormous difference they make. If you’re not interested in attaining a higher in your language, you can go with Finnish as most students got a 7.

  1. Humanities

Things seem to get much complex when it comes to Humanities. With not even a single subject awarding grades over 40% where Psychology seems to be quite difficult. Most learners attained only a 3.75% at level 7. ITGS HL was even worse were only 0.44% got high marks.

To cover up for this, try instead to do an SL in political theory—22.22% of the students attained high marks. If you like, try History 1 where a good 27.5% of the HL students performed very well compared to the 2.04% of students in History HL. In case you are looking for maximum grades then you can also go for World Art Culture SL with a 36% success rate at level 7.

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