Tools Used by an Auto Electrician

Troubleshooting a vehicle’s electrical aspects should be simple, but there are issues that may come a bit complex than usual. It is necessary that you have all the right tools to ensure that the work will be done properly.

Keep in mind that every auto electrician has their personal style and method in terms of finding the issue. Some of them will use the simplest tools whilst others will invest in expensive diagnostic equipment.

But, to cut the story shorter, there is one main goal that auto electricians pursue—that is fixing any electrical issue occurring to vehicles. Below are some of the tools necessary for auto electricians:

  • Multi-Metre

This can perform all electric troubleshooting needs, from testing voltages to permanence. Cheap or expensive multi-meters offer the same result, so it does not matter which one you plan to purchase.

  • 12-Volt Light Tester

Often called as an idiot light, this is used by many auto electricians and considered as their main tool. Since the electrical system of vehicles use 12 volts finding if a specific wire has voltage is simple. One of the sides is grounded to a negative source and the other tip can probe wires to check whether the voltage is present.

This is actually an effective tool to locate if there is voltage on a wire where there should be. An experienced technician can identify the level of the voltage through the brightness of the light.

  • Amp Clamp

This is a tool that can check how many amps are passing on a wire by just simply clamping the tool around it. No need to disconnect or cut a wire, as this tool alone will display the amount of amp passing to it. This will help the professionals identify quickly under or over amping.

  • OBD2 Scan Tool

This should be present in any professional’s toolbox. This will check all issues on the computer. Codes with errors will be visible on the tool screen. This is a good tool to narrow down issues. You need not start from scratch using an OBD2 scan tool.