Usual Questions Regarding Illuminated Letters

If you haven’t heard of illuminated letters, you’re missing out. They’re an awesome addition to any type of event—whether it’s a corporate launch or a Christmas party. Here are the usual questions people ask about this unique party addition:

Do you need to order in advance?

Yes, as much as possible you must book at least two weeks in advance. It would be difficult to order them at the last minute. There’s a big chance you won’t get it anymore. Therefore, it’s important to book in advance so you can make your event extra-special.

What Should the Letters Spell Out?

That would depend on the occasion. For example, if it’s a wedding it can be the official hashtag of the wedding. The couple would usually bring out their creativity in combining their last names for a witty hashtag. The items should spell out something worth remembering so guests would want to have their pictures taken with it. However, it can also be something simple. For example, if it’s a company event it can simply be the slogan of the company. It will help promote what the company is all about.

When Should the Installers Arrive?

The installers should arrive at least 2 hours before the event. It would normally take them a couple of hours to setup the illuminated letters. Of course, if the location is a bit far then you’d expect them to be there earlier. They’ll usually put an allowance in between the installation time and the start of the event. The last thing they’d want to happen is for guests to see them still installing the items when the occasion has already started.

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