Vacuum Pumps Types

There are many kinds of vacuum pumps available. The question is: which one do you need? It is best if you read the types below and see for yourself.  Each type has different features and functions. it is a must that you take your time choosing.

It is also recommended that you consider the brand of the vacuum pumps to ensure that you are getting everything you need— including warranty, service, functionality, and durability. Always consider the most trusted brand when buying. Do not focus just on getting the price.

Always consider the most trusted brand when buying. Do not focus just on getting the price.

Oil filed Rotary vane pump

• This one is considered to be a type of vacuum pumps that is best for your money.

• It does not require you to purchase or use any other types of equipment to operate.

• It is built to work on extended hours, as required for stabilizing.

• On the other hand, the fall down on this type is the need for the oil to be changed frequently, thus maintenance is a bit high than the usual.

• It can produce oil mist while being used with cheap pumps or either on systems that have leaks.

Diaphragm pump

• This produces a medium vacuum, that is typically not better than 83.5%

• It does not use or require oil

• This is best used on vacuum chucking

• Even on bad leaks, this will not produce any oil mist

• Same as with the oil filled rotary vacuum pump, there is no other equipment needed to run this device.

Vacuum generator

• An air compressor is required to create a vacuum from a venturi

• If you are using a larger compressor, it will produce 93.6% vacuum

• While running, the machine can be highly noisy

• It can possibly freeze during humid conditions• If you do not have a large capacity tank, the chances of the vacuum level to fluctuate while the compressor is kicking in and out is high.

Choosing vacuum pumps is highly recommended. They have produced high-quality products that will last for a long time.